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I am a canine of noble birth
A German Shepherd Dog - courageous, alert!
I protect my master to earn my keep
In grassy fields I guard his sheep
Of me I've heard it often said

"No finer dog has yet been bred"

The times have changed, a new day's dawned

Alas, I find myself in a foreign land.
I am a canine of noble birth
I protect no man, I guard no herd;
Stripped of my birthright I carry on
A lonely vigil for times long gone.
When I learned how to treat a lamb,
Or how to control a powerful ram,
When I had to chase the wolves from their prey
To keep the flock calm, and from going astray.
When I was taught to stand my ground
To defend my master when troubles abound
There was no limit to what I could do
My courage and loyalty saw me through

Now I am told I was bred for "show"
Do I deserve to be dropped this low?
In the canine world I am the King,
I do not care for the dog show ring.
It bores me till the day I die
Why can I no longer do my part
And serve mankind with all my heart?
My heritage demands of me
To be what I was born to be,
Return my birthright that once was mine