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Denali Kennels - Awards We've Won!

We would like to thank all here for recognizing us for our hard work in promoting the safe treatment of not only the GSD, but all breeds of dogs. We appreciate the recognition by our peers in the industry!


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Award: Finest German Shepherd Website

Awarded By: Dog-Behavior-Training.co.uk

Date Received: Aug 2008

Award Purpose:  We are proud to present you with the dog-behavior-training.co.uk award for great achievements in dog website information and resources. denalikennels.com was selected for its excellence in German Shepherd information and/or breeding services and proves to be one of the top areas on the net for knowledge on this topic.


awarded by

Award: Top Dog Site

Awarded By: All About Puppies

Date Received: Feb 2005

Award Purpose:  The editors of all-about puppies.com give this award to sites that further peoples knowledge about pets in some way. Some give information about a particular breed or subject other offer supplies and products in a responsible manner.

Award: PetShed 5 Paws

Awarded By: PetShed

Date Received: Feb 2005

Award Purpose:  The award is presented to recognize those web sites that are excellent in web design, originality and content.

Award: The Golden Web Award

Awarded By: Golden Web Awards.com

Date Received: May 2003

Award Purpose:  Presented to sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

     Award: Top Dog Web Award

     Awarded By: Canines.com

     Date Received: February 2003

     Award Purpose: TopDog Web Award for web site design, content and entertainment value in an animal related web site.


Award: Good Dog Site

Awarded By: I love dogs.com

Date Received: January 2002

Award Purpose:


Tail Wagging Award

Awarded by: Dogs World

Date Received: January 2002

Award Purpose: To provide recognition to quality content for family and animal oriented sites. Expanding and sharing knowledge and bringing together common interests and causes.