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Denali Kennels - Links Page and favorite sites

Online Resources

Doggon Wheels - Manufactures doggie wheelchairs!

Each day our pets remind us of our main objective - to help pets and their owners enjoy life together by providing practical solutions for helping your pet enjoy his/her favorite activities. Our commitment to help enrich the lives of disabled pets is reflected in everything we do: from the quality of our work to our ongoing research for new products and design updates.

  • PENN Hip - University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program - PennHIP (University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program) incorporates a new method for evaluating the integrity of the canine hip. It is accurate in puppies as young as 16 weeks of age. It has great potential to lower the frequency of CHD when used as a selection criterion.
  • War Dogs - The untold story of dogs in combat.
  • RayAllen.com - Working dog training equipment
  • Working Dog Web - Nine Canine Guides, Dog Search, Awards and much more!
  • Greyhound Racing Sucks - Great site about the abuse and mistreatment of Greyhounds by the racing industry.
  • Bridgeport Equipment - Reasonably priced quality training equipment.
  • Dog, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland! - If you love dogs, visit I-Love-Dogs.com now for tons of free dog stuff!


My favorite sites

  • Kenazgroup.com - Really cool website for technology stuff, my husband's website.





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