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Denali Kennels - German Shepherd Titles

Due to our devotion to breeding imported working lines of the GSD, our list of titles are German Titles, with the exception of health certifications which are recognized in the US. German Titles do not appear on AKC pedigrees.

  • German Working Titles - Titles appear after a dog's name


    • SchHA - Schutzhund - Novice obedience and protection.

    • Bh - Begleithunde - Basic companion dog.

    • AD - Ausdauerprufung - Endurance.

    • SchH I,II,III - Shutzhund - 3 levels, novice, intermediate and master of obedience, tracking and protection.

    • FH I, II - Fartenhund - Advanced and Superior tracking.

    • PH - Polizeihund - Police Dog. Obtained through the Danish Politihundeforeningen, a police dog association open to civilians.

    • GrH - Grenzenhund - Border Patrol Dog.

    • BIH - Blindenhund - Guide Dog for the blind.

    • ZH - Zollhund - Customs Dog.


  • German Conformation Titles - Titles appear before a dog's name


    • A - Ausreichend - Sufficient show or performance rating.

    • G - Gut - Good show or performance rating.

    • SG - Sehr Gut - Very Good show or performance rating. SG rating is the highest offered in young dog competitions, 12-18 month and 18-24 month age groups.

    • V - Vorzuglich-excellent show or performance rating.

    • VA - Vorzüglich-Auslese - Excellent select show rating given only at the Seiger show. The Sieger or Siegerin is VA-1 followed by VA-2, etc.  In the judges opinion  these are  very close in quality to the Sieger or Siegerin.  The national show is judged by the SV President, he determines how many VA ratings he wishes to make. There have been times in history when the Sieger/Siegerin titles were discontinued and only VAs awarded, to discourage excessive breeding to the dog who was named Sieger.

    • U -Ungenugend - Insufficient show or performance rating.

    • M -Mangelhaft - Faulty show or performance rating.

    • KKLI - Körklasse 1 - Especially recommended by the SV for breeding, highest breed survey classification given.

    • KKLII - Körklasse 2 - Suitable for breeding by the SV. (Most "working" dogs are classified as KKLII)


  • Health Certifications  - Appear after a dog's name


    • CERF - Canine Eye Registry Foundation.

    • OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals a non-profit registry which issues "arms length" certification on various health concerns, which are not limited to Orthopedics.